Zorro (1957) The Complete Series

  • Number Of Seasons: The Complete TV Series
  • Number Of Episodes: All 3 Seasons & 82 Uncut Episodes
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Zorro takes place in the course of enough time of Spanish occupation of California (pre-1820 sooner than Mexico gained independence for California and took administration of the state). The area members of the Spanish colonial government are oppressing the Indians and Mexicans who occupy the property. On the other hand, Don Diego de la Vega (performed by Guy Williams, “Misplaced In Space”, “Captain Sinbad”, “Bonanza”), a scholar who been trained in Spain makes his go back to California along together with his mute sidekick Bernardo (performed by Gene Sheldon) also to see how folks are getting oppressed by Capitan Monastario (performed by Britt Lomond, “The Legend of Wyatt Earp”).

Zorro was Walt Disney’s first prime-time half-hour collection and it benefits significantly from Disney’s eager vision for casting, storytelling genius, and excessive production values. The solid includes Henry Calvin as the bumbling and rotund Sergeant Garcia and Gene Sheldon as Diego’s trusty, mute right -hand man Bernardo (the two actors were later on paired as the Laurel & Hardy-esque heroes in Disney’s Babes in Toyland ). Zorro deftly blends motion and comedy in its first time of year, with no mushy romance to sluggish items down. Diego/Zorro possesses a rapier-like wit with which he handily disarms his foes.

Zorro was a half-hour Walt Disney Productions TELEVISION sequence in line with the properly-identified Zorro personality. October 10 it premiered, 1957 on ABC. June 2 the best community broadcast was, 1959. Altogether seventy-eight episodes have already been created and four specials had been aired on the Walt Disney anthology collection between October 30, april 2 1960 and, 1961. I never really had the chance to start to see the sequence throughout its preliminary run (before my period), but when the Disney Channel had taken to the airwaves first, Zorro was a staple of the channel.

On the next season set is Behind the Masks (8 a few minutes), about Guy Williams. It includes interviews with Man Williams Jr. and Buddy Van Horn, who do stunts for Williams. In A Trip to the Archives (eight minutes), Williams and maltin Jr. have a look at some prior Zorro memorabilia and outfits. October 10 picture and Sound Premiere, july 2 1957 Finale, 1959 Airs Creator Johnston McCulley (individuals) Community ABC Fashion 30-minute historical action - trip Firm Walt Disney Productions.

Zorro (1957) dvd box set - The Complete Series

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